Location Sound (Sound Mixer, Boom Operator)

Sound Design


Dialogue, Music & SFX Editing

ADR & VO Recording

Gear Rental

Music Recording and Mixing

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Sound Devices 788
(12 track Recorder - 8 ISO, Stereo Mix, 2 AUX)
Sound Devices 633

(10 track Recorder - 6 ISO, Stereo Mix, 2 Aux)

DPA 4017b Shotgun Mic
Neumann KMR 81i Shotgun Mic

Sennheiser MKH-416 Shotgun Mic
Sennheiser MKH-50 Super-Cardioid Mic
Sennheiser MKH-30 Figure 8 Mic
AKG SE300 Blueline (Hyper-cardioid and Omni Capsules)
Cinela MS Windshield Kit
Rycote Windshield WS 2 Kit
Rycote Windshield Kit 4
Rycote Invision 7

Lectrosonics Wireless System (x8)
  - Lectrosonics SRc Duel Receiver
  - Lectrosonics SRb Duel Receiver (x2) 
  - Lectrosonics 411a Receiver
  - Lectrosonics UCR 210D Receiver
  - Lectrosonics SMQV Transmitter (x2)
  - Lectrosonics SMv Transmitter (x3)
  - Lectrosonics SMDa Transmitter (x2)
  - Lectrosonics UMC400a Transmitter (x2)
Sennheiser G3 Wireless System (x1)
Sennheiser IEM 300 System (x4)
DPA 4061 Lavalier Mic (x7)
Sanken COS-11 Lavalier Mic (x1)
Sennheiser ME-2 Lavalier Mic (x1)
Lectrosonics SNA600a Antenna Distribution

Denecke Slate
Denecke Sync Box (x2)
Mozegear TIG Timecode Generator
IDX NP1 Battery (x4)
ikan Li-ion Battery (x13)
iPower 9V (x13)
Eneloop AA Batterys (x50)
Petrol Audiobag & Orca Harness
Sennheiser HD 25 Headphones
Sony MDR-7506 Headphones
Zoom H4N & H1 Backup Recorders
17" Ambient Boom Pole
13" vdB Boom Pole
9" Travel Boom Pole
Various Cables, Tapes, Adapters, etc


6-Core Intel Hackintosh/Windows Desktop

Digidesign Command 8 Control Surface

Pro Tools 10 HD
Logic Pro X DAW
Izotope RX Audio Restoration
3rd Party Plugs & Virtual Instruments
(Native Instruments, Waves, Sound Toys, etc)

Axiom m3 v3 Monitors
Bose 301 Series II Monitors
AKG K271 Headphones
Fostek T50RP Headphones

Universal Audio Apollo 8 Quad Interface
Presonus Firestudio Mobile Interface

API 5008B Power Supply
  - Warm Audio TB12 500 Pre-Amplifier
  - Moog 500 Series Ladder Filter
Golden Age Pre-73 MKII Pre-Amplifier

Blue Bluebird Cardioid Mic
Sennheiser MD421 Cardioid Mic
Shure SM7B
Shure Beta 52a Dynamic Mic
Blue enCore Dynamic Mic
Shure SM58 Dynamic Mic x3



Whats all the noise about?


My name is CJ Woodley and I am the sole owner and operator of Woodley Audio; a location sound and post-production company based in Toronto, Ontario.

Throughout my career I have worked on various union, commercial, corporate and independent productions in the sound department. You can view some of my credit history on my IMDb page.

I strive to give my clients to highest audio recording quality possible. This is achievable with the knowledge that I have acquired through years of learning about audio... and it is a never ending cycle of adapting and figuring out new ways to do a job.

I am also a musician. I write noise-dream pop music under the artist name 'Haze'. I play guitar, drums, bass and synthesizers.



















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